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Aquarius- Two In The...

Aquarius- Two In The...

Aqaurius - əˈkwɛər i əs


Diva we all know an aquarius, we all should love an aquarius. The free spirited sign of the zodiac. Easy-Going, Check. Original, Check and just over all an artsy diva who lives life to the fullest. What better way to start our zodiac of wigs than with this icon of the zodiac. Guess you could say its the dawning of the age of the ... Aquarius. 



Well... erm... this colour name is pretty obvious what we are referencing!  Moving right along... This beautiful lush pastel pink will truly make you the belle of any ball. Cute, pink and more pink. Live that fantasy, buy two and call it four in the... 


As you can tell we love a good colour name. Future wigs will be offered in these exclusive colours to create an infinite amount of styling options for you. Versatility is well important in a lot of life. 


  • PRODUCT INFO *The Boring Stuff*

    • Hand-knotted Swiss Lace front to recreate a natural hair-line
    • 24 inch 
    • Machine made base
    • High quantity of wefts through the back and sides - means no more visible wefts when styling
    • High quality synthetic heat safe fibre perfect for styling
    • Can withstand up to 180 degree Celsius heat 
    • The back section of the wig is created using an elasticised structure and adjustable tabs
    • Three built in combs.
  • Didn't like it? Don't want it? Something wrong?

    As always, we are commited at Wig Karma to giving you the best wig and the best service. Please check out our FAQ section for all info regarding returns, refunds, etc. 

    If you have any questions before ordering, please feel free to contact us.

  • How does it get from us to you?

    This is a great question and one we have explained extensively in our FAQ. Still concerned or have questions please reach out. We promise we don't look as scary as we seem.

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