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Who Are We?: About Us
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The beauty of the Organization. She breathes talent and creativity into every corner of Wig Karma. While Studying makeup design at Vancouver Film School DW fell in love with the art of wig styling, and needed to bring her talent directly to the heads of every poor performer, drag entertainer, or wig-wanter in need. Her larger-than-life personality has captivated the eyes of multiple cities across Canada. From thinking outside the box - or fitting almost too tight inside of one, you're never certain of what DW might do next... 

Follow her on Instagram at dck_whr to keep an eye on what this sneaky diva has been doing. (oh and to like see our wigs.... duh)

Who Are We?: About Us

Misty Meadows-Gurl

A comedy pageant queen, someone who once dated Abraham Lincoln, invented penicillin and frequently lies about her achievements. Realistically Misty is a past Empress, a dancer, a comedian, a lip-sync artist and an occasional impersonator all wrapped in the aesthetic of vintage villain. More notably known as your unfriendly neighbourhood body snatcher, the town vodka aunt and infamously the demon under your bed. Misty has been even able to convince people she is talented and “stolen” the following titles, Two time Entertainer of the Year, Calgary’s Next Drag Superstar, and “least likely to succeed (Yearbook)”. Misty studied fashion design at Blanche Macdonald, and half a law degree; before deciding to fix the lace front problems of her fellow performers.

 Follow them on Instagram, at mistymeadows.gurl to keep up to date on what has recently been reviewed as glorified stupidity.

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Who Are We?: About Us
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